At Sky Pony Press, we love being totally silly. And nothing gets sillier than the PROJECT DROID series by New York Times bestselling author Nancy Krulik and Amanda Burwasser, brought to life with the side-splitting illustrations of Mike Moran.

But now we have something even more exciting! Because Logan and Java just got a BOOK TRAILER!

Check it out here, and then go check out PROJECT DROID!


Science No Fair!

When you have an android cousin, losing your head takes on a whole new meaning!

There’s nothing Logan Applebaum has ever wanted more than to have another kid around the house. So when his inventor mom builds him a robot cousin, Logan’s really excited—until he finds out that it’s not so easy keeping Java’s android identity a secret. Becasue even though Java is really smart, he doesn’t seem to understand anything.

Still, with the third grade science fair coming up, having a cousin with a computer for a brain might come in handy. Does having Java around mean Logan finally has a chance at winning first prize? Or will those nasty, super-sneaky Silverspoon twins outsmart him again?

Soccer Shocker!

The Purple Wombats’ secret weapon has a really big secret.

Anyone would love having a super-scoring robot Java on his team. Well anyone except Java’s human cousin, Logan. That’s because, up until now, Logan has been the Wombat’s top scorer—and he has no desire to share the field with the team’s new start player. Especially because Java won’t let the other kids get near the ball—never mind the goal.

If it were up to Logan, he would just kick Java right off the field. Because as far as Logan is concerned, there’s no in team, and there shouldn’t be a droid on one, either.


My Robot Ate My Homework

How in the world can Logan get out of this mess?

Logan has the perfect plan for all of his pesky homework—just have his cousin, Java, do it for him. With a robot cousin, Logan’s pretty much guaranteed straight As.

But when Mrs. Perriwinkle announces that the class will have a geography bee, Logan realizes that if he doesn’t start filling his own hard drive with facts, he’ll be exposed as a cheater.

The competition’s going to be tough. Can Logan outsmart the mega-mean Silverspoon twins and a cousin who’s a super computer to come out on top?



Nancy Krulik is the author of more than two hundred books for children and young adults including three New York Times bestsellers and the popular Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo; George Brown, Class Clown; and Magic Bone series. She lives in New York City with her husband and crazy beagle mix.

Amanda Burwasser holds a BFA with honors in creative writing from Pratt Institute in New York City. Her senior thesis earned her the coveted Pratt Circle Award. A preschool teacher, she resides in California.

Mike Moran is a dad, husband, and illustrator. His illustrations can be seen in children’s books, animation, magazines, games, World Series programs, and more. He lives in New Jersey.


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