Beyond the Book: Catherine Bailey on Hypnosis

Hypnosis Harry author, Catherine Bailey, is an expert on the subject of hypnosis. She wrote a book on it, after all. Catherine has put together some activities for you to take hypnosis to the classroom or bring it into your own home. Check out the discussion questions, coloring sheets, and activity page below!



Thank you for allowing me to write a guest post for your blog, Sky Pony. Oh sure technically I hypnotized you into letting me do it, but thanks all the same.

I am excited to share some fun ways to expand on Hypnosis Harry—either at school in the classroom, or at home in your playroom. So look deep into your screen, and read on.

Discussion Questions

Right versus wrong, consequences both good and bad, the ins and outs of dealing with family—Hypnosis Harry addresses all of these concepts. Young readers can be encouraged to explore these ideas through the following discussion questions.

(1) What are some things that Harry’s parents say no to, before they are hypnotized?

(2) Why do they say no to these things?

(3) Why do you think Harry thinks they are saying no?

HH poster spot art Harry

(4) What are some things your parents say no to?

(5) If your parents had to say yes/could not say no, what kinds of things would you do?

(6) What makes Harry change his mind and undo the hypnosis?

(7) Do you think Harry’s parents will be mad at him when they stop being hypnotized?

(8) What do you think Harry’s sister will do/ is doing with the watch?

HH poster spot art robot

(9) If you could hypnotize anyone, who would it be?

(10) Do you think Harry will hypnotize anyone again?

Hypnosis Harry coloring sheet:

Hypnosis Harry coloring sheet:

Hypnosis Harry activity sheet:


Hypnosis Harry by Catherine Bailey, illustrated by Sarita Rich

9781634501712-frontcoverNo pajamas at the park. No toys in the toaster. Harry’s parents say no to everything! That is, until Harry learns about hypnosis.

With a little practice, and Grandpa’s watch, Harry puts his parents in a trance and envisions a future full of fun and yes’s!

Comic books by the crate, night-vision goggles for his teddy bear, a pet monkey (or two)—no request is too big or too bizarre. Harry loves his new freedom and, not to mention, all that bacon. So what if his robot goes rogue and playmates are hard to find? But when his ninja moves result in a playground pile-up, Harry starts to wonder if he really wants his every wish granted.

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