Nine Egg-cellent Facts about Eggs!

Easter is just around the corner. On Sunday, there will be plenty of eggs hidden around gardens and backyards and little hands and feet running off in search of them. In honor of the holiday we recommend that you check out one of our favorite egg-related picture books, Hattie Peck by Emma Levey. And don’t forget to read the nine egg-cellent facts about eggs that Julie put together below!


Hattie Peck by Emma Levey 9781634501705-frontcover


Poor Hattie Peck simply loves eggs, but she has only ever laid one egg—and it never hatched. Eggs are all she thinks about, all she dreams about. No egg is too big; no egg is too small. So if she can’t lay another egg, she’s going to have to go out into the world to find one.

Hattie embarks on a journey in search of all the abandoned eggs. She dives to the deepest depths of vast oceans. She soars over gigantic cities and climbs up mountains towering above the clouds. Through gloomy dark caves, deep below the ground, Hattie searches. And she doesn’t find just one egg. There are so many abandoned eggs, just waiting for her to find them!

With her newly gathered eggs in tow, Hattie Peck returns home. Sitting on so many eggs at once is quite the task, but Hattie doesn’t mind. Days and weeks pass, until one day, finally, there’s a Crack! Scratch! Tap! But what will happen when all those eggs hatch together?


Nine Egg-cellent Facts about Eggs!

1.       Spin an egg to see if it’s hardboiled or raw. If it spins easily, it’s hardboiled! If it wobbles, it’s raw!

2.       On average, a hen will lay more than 250 eggs each year!

3.       Did you know that sharks also lay eggs?

4.       It’s possible that dinosaur dads were the ones to help hatch the mom’s eggs by sitting on the nest!

5.       Only five mammals lay eggs: the duck-billed platypus and four types of spiny anteaters, or echidna!

6.       Hens sometimes sing an “egg song” before laying an egg.

7.       An emu’s egg takes 58 days (or almost 2 months) to hatch. A chicken’s egg only takes 21 days (or 3 weeks).

8.       Ostriches lay the largest eggs of any land animal. But whale sharks lay the largest eggs in the world!

9.       Hummingbird eggs are the size of a jelly bean.

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