New Books for Sky Pony Press

When the Sky Pony team starts working on a new book, we normally wait to announce it to the world through the usual places folks get new-book news: Publishers Weekly, Goodreads, retailer websites, and so on. But right now we’re working on a couple of new books that are so exciting, so high concept, so moving, and just so darn GOOD that we can’t keep quiet about them anymore. So, with much hoopla and not a lot of permission from our bosses, we are excited to announce these soon-to-be bestsellers:


Julie of the Wolves(ish)

4197466599_096fd2f8c2_zExactly like the Newbery Award winning novel first published in 1973, except Julie is a pony. When Julie runs away from her stable in Alaska, headed for the warm, horse-friendly countryside of California, she never expects to find herself stranded on the Alaskan tundra. But her sense of direction fails her, and with winter fast approaching, Julie’s only choice is to seek a wolf pack’s acceptance—by pretending she’s one of them. Despite some pretty obvious tells (smells like food, looks like food), Julie blends into the pack, learning to communicate with the other wolves, finding a place in the pack hierarchy, and ultimately being accepted as one of their own. For every reader who’s ever wondered what a pony would sound like if it howled like a wolf, Julie of the Wolves(ish) is the greatest wilderness survival story of all time meets literally any viral video of unlikely animal friendship.


A. Corn McGhee and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Diet

Winston (2)

Sky Pony Express’s friendly logo squirrel gets his own story in this soon-to-be classic! The Venerable A. Corn McGhee knows it’s going to be a terrible, horrible day when his mom offers him nuts at breakfast. His friends offer him nuts at lunch. His dad offers him nuts at dinner! Doesn’t anyone remember that A. Corn is on a juice cleanse? This charming picture book is sure to appeal to a new generation of children who understand that you’re never too young to detox.

The Really, Super, Possibly Criminal, Practical Book of Tips for Kids


Finally, the child-friendly guide you’ve always wished you could give you kids, published in a single, attractive volume just in time for the holidays. Forget about crafts, science, and college planning; this book will teach your kid everything you’d ever really wished your kid knew. Tired of plunging the toilet? Balancing your bank account? Filing your taxes? Scheduling your root canal? Put this book in the hands of your two-to-eighteen-year-old child, and soon they’ll be doing those things for you—and more!


Weeeeell… okay, maybe we’re not publishing those books. April Fool’s!

Happy April, from Sky Pony to you!

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