Making (Encaustic Wax) Waves with Patricia Keeler

The warm weather is coming and we’ll be ready with our flip-flops, sunglasses, and author and illustrator Patricia Keeler’s Lizzie and Lou Seal!

We wanted to know how Patricia made Lizzie’s blow up toy, Lou Seal, look plastic and the waves appear . . . well . . . wet! Below, Patricia takes us behind the scenes to discover her process.

Making (Encaustic Wax) Waves with Patricia Keeler

I love texture! Rough textures, slimy textures, bumpy textures, and silky textures that appear almost transparent. Silky textures like plastic or an ocean wave can be made using encaustic wax.

Encaustic wax comes in colored blocks and clear seeds.

The colored blocks of wax can be grated and melted.

Turn up the jazz and let the fun begin!


Add some magic and

Catch that wave, Lizzie!


The Encaustic Wax post giveaway is Lizzie’s exquisite Lou Seal necklace!

To enter, purchase a copy of Lizzie and Lou Seal then email a screen shot receipt

to Sky Pony’s Winston Sparkles at 


All entrees will be eligible to win the


of a manuscript critique by

Sky Pony Assistant Editor, Kylie Brien.

Visit Patricia Keeler at Book Expo America, Booth AM34, June 1 and 2, 2017 

Next week:  Meet Sky Pony Assistant Editor, Kylie Brien

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