A Sky Pony Night Out

Assistant Editor Adrienne Szpyrka shares the story of a night out for the Sky Pony team. 

1 looking at art

In December, Sky Pony went on its very first team outing. We started at the Society of Illustrators original artwork exhibit, which features art from picture books that pubbed in 2015. Seeing the art in person is so worthwhile—there’s so much detail that just doesn’t translate into the final book. And it’s cool to see so many of the year’s illustrations all together. The last time I saw this exhibit, I noticed whales were big. This year, a lot of the books had elephants!


1 Finding_Winnie

This spread from Finding Winnie was one of my favorites. Can you spot the bear?

1 Carlyle

After the Society of Illustrators, we headed to the Carlyle hotel. Divah, by Susannah Appelbaum, is one of our lead titles this spring (and a book that I love!), and the Carlyle is a huge part of the story. So we had to see it for ourselves! The story came to life when we saw the hotel in person. I felt like Itzy, underdressed and wildly out of place surrounded by the natives of the Upper East Side.

1 Madeline artIf you have a chance to stop by the Carlyle yourself, Bemelmans Bar is a must-see. The entire place is covered in illustrations by Ludwig Bemelmans. And, as Luc points out in Divah, “The guy had a thing for bunnies.” But we also spotted some scenes from Madeline!

Bemelmans was too crowded for our entire team, so after checking out the art, we headed over to the Mark hotel for cocktails. As another Divah angel puts it, the Mark was “adequate.”

(Actually the Mark was lovely and had beautiful star lights in the bar. It was also far less crowded, and we had a wonderful time. But I’m not as posh as Gaston.)

Thanks, Skyhorse, for the fantastic outing, and Julie, for planning everything. Here’s to more bookish adventures in 2016!

1 whole group

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